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    Die Strahlentherapie der Keratitis superficialis chronica mit Strontium 90 (2001)

    Grüning, Georg
    Berlin, 2001 — 180 Seiten
    Klinik für kleine Haustiere

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    Abstract / Zusammenfassung

    In this study 17 dogs with Chronic Superficial Keratitis were evaluated after radiation therapy with Strontium 90. A 15 Gy dosage was delivered two times under general anaesthesia. In 13 dogs the non irridated eye served as negativ control and was treated only locally with 0,5% Prednisoloneacetat (Ultracortenol) before and 0,2% Ciclosporin (Optimmune") after radiation. In four dogs with bilateral loss of vision a superficial keratectomy was performed before radiation herapy. None of the dogs showed negative side effects in connection with the radiation therapy. All 13 dogs improved within six months after irridation compared with the non radiated eye. The four dogs with a combined therapy of Strontium 90 radiation and superficial keratectomy regained vision after treatment. Inspite of the better results of radiation therapy compared to local treatment with 0,2% Ciclosporin (Optimmune"), expenses and regulations are limitations to its practical use.