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    Influence of acupuncture on semen quality in bulls - a pilot study (2005)

    Arlt, S.
    Drillich, M.
    Heuwieser, W.
    9th Annual Conference of European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction
    Murcia/Spanien, 01. – 03.09.2005
    Reproduction in domestic animals = Zuchthygiene — S. 355
    ISSN: 0936-6768
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    Abstract / Zusammenfassung

    The purpose of the study was to evaluate the efficacy of acupuncture and moxa
    treatment on fertility of hulls. In a pilot study six bulls with semen abnormalities
    in volume (< 3 ml) and density (< I bn/ml) were submitted to acupuncture
    treatment. Although Traditional Chinese Medicine requires individualised
    treatments, the animals were treated with a fixed acupuncture protocol. This was
    necessary because the individualised diagnostic by so called Shu-points in cattle
    is difficult. Also a standard treatment ensured a comparable analysis of
    treatment results. Furthermore, especially in the treatment of bulls it is important
    to use acupuncture points that can he reached and stimulated innocuously.
    Following acupuncture points were used: Bladder 23, Bladder 31, Kidney 3,
    Governing Vessel 3 and Governing Vessel 4. The treatment course consisted of
    three treatments for a period of three weeks. Stainless steel disposable needles
    (0,5 mm x 0,7 mm) were inserted 2 to 4 cm deep for 20 Minutes. Moxa was
    applied once at the acupuncture points Governing Vessel 3 and Governing
    Vessel 4 by artemisia wool and miso paste. Analysis of the semen was
    performed twice a week 28 days before, during and 22 days after the treatment
    course. Statistical analysis showed no significant changes in volume, density and
    motility of semen. Hence the introduced programme was not able to increase the
    semen quality in the six bulls. Further studies are necessary to determine
    whether a longer treatment course or using promising acupuncture points at the
    linea alba are more effective.