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    Non scholae sed vitae - a new concept for teaching veterinary medicine (2006)

    Müller, K E
    Weber, C. N.
    24th World Buiatrics Congress
    Nizza (Frankreich), 15. – 19.10.2006
    Klinik für Klauentiere

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    Abstract / Zusammenfassung

    Students of veterinary medicine often have difficulties to understand the complex character of diseases. Accompanying the lecture course "Ruminant Diseases - Organ Diseases" for the third year students, an internet-based learning platform was launched as interdisciplinary cooperation of clinicians and anatomists, which offers the students the opportunity to prepare and recapitulate the study material as well as to examine their learning progress independently. Since the students can prepare the topics of the lectures in self-instruction through internet support, more time remains for presentation and for discussion of case reports, X-rays, ultrasonographic pictures and anatomical and histological preparations. Even otherwise neglected groups of topics, like patient data administration, economics of veterinary practice and analyses of treatment costs can flow into the course in such a way, thus the strictly frontal teaching of lectures is replaced by a dialogue between instructors and students. The presentation of diseases as complex systems becomes possible by combining the clinical facts with basics from anatomy and pathophysiology, therefore promoting problem-oriented thinking and an interdisciplinary use of medical knowledge. The students are able to learn less by heart and instead to analyze and understand.