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    Untersuchungen zum Einfluß des homöopathischen Kombinationspäparates Engystol® N und weiterer Präparatvariationen auf die Proliferation isolierter mononukleärer Zellen des Menschen und die Sekretion von TGF-ß1 anhand von Vollblutkulturen (2002)

    Schwan, Annette
    Berlin: Logos-Verl., 2002 — IV, 139 Seiten
    ISBN: 3-8325-0029-4
    Institut für Immunologie

    Robert-von-Ostertag-Str. 7-13
    Gebäude 35
    14163 Berlin
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    Abstract / Zusammenfassung

    Goal of the submitted work was to test the influence of different Engystol-preparations (Fa. Heel, Baden-Baden) on cultured immune cells. The blood samples were obtained from clinical healthy donors from the Institute for Experimental Haematology and Transfusion Medicine of the Bonn University Clinic.The activity of the mononuclear cells in the proliferation test WST-I (Fa. Boehringer Mannheim) and the ELISA determined concentration of cytokine TGF-ß1 (Fa. Hoelzel Diagnostika, Cologne) in the PHA activated whole blood culture were used as test parameters. The results from 40 (WST-I-Test) and 20 (TGF-ß1-Test) blood samples after application with different concentrations of the Engystol-preparations and the according control solutions (triple application) were evaluated.The following results were obtained:a) The WST-T-Test:l. The inserted Engystol® N in the human medicine effected in the total concentration range a significant to highest significant increase of the mononuclear cells activity.2. The Engystol® ad us. vet. also stimulated the mononuclear cells until the 10 per cental application high to highest significant.3. The exclusion variant Engystol vet. sine only obtained in the highest concentrations significant stimulants.4. The Vincetoxicum-Pflanzenasche D30 stimulated exclusive in the lowest concentration the activity of mononuclear cells significantly.5. While testing the influence of the intermediate subject factors (amount of leukocytes, amount of lymphocytes, amount of monocytes, distribution smoker / non-smoker)
    exclusively after application of the Vincetoxicum-Pflanzenasche D30 a positive relation between the amount of lymphocytes and the activity mononuclear cells could be proven.b) The TGF-ß 1Test:Engystol® N induced an increasing reduction of the TGF-ß1-secretion with rising dilution. On account of very high individual variations in the measured TGF-ß1 concentrations as well as a limited amount of probands the results however did not reach the threshold to significance.