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    Untersuchungen über Fleischqualität und fleischhygienische Probleme bei Kaninchenfleisch aus individueller Schlachtung (2002)

    Fuhsy, Dirk
    Berlin, 2002 — 105 Seiten
    Institut für Lebensmittelsicherheit und -hygiene

    Königsweg 69
    14163 Berlin
    +49 30 838 62550

    Abstract / Zusammenfassung

    This paper should give a survey about marks of meat quality of rabbit broilers including different races and cross-breeds. Relations between sex, age, race and mass of rabbits, their marks of meat quality and the weather were to be found out. The surface of carcass was to be analysed for Salmonellae and Yersinia. Measurements of the pH factor, the water holding capacity and the coloration of the M. longissimus dorsi were taken 24 hours after slaughter of 95 rabbits of different populations. The measurement of pH factor in a meat-extract was taken with the help of a special stick electrode (Einstabmeßkette SE 100). The mean value was 5,69 and was determined by 95 samples. The water holding capacity of the rabbit meat was determined with the help of Beutling"s method (1969) and was 0,28 mililiter per gram rabbit meat. The mean remission values of rabbit meat were determined by means of spectre, photometer with amplify and reflect modul (Spekol). The remission values ranged between 16,27 per cent and 35,28 per cent. The mean value was 24,42 per cent. The qualities of meat like pH factor, water holding and coloration were influenced by different factors. The sex had no influence on the meat quality. The age and the mass influenced the pH factor. The age had also an influence on the water holding capacity. A certain dependence between meat colour and race of rabbit was found out. Weak positive dependences between he pH factor and pressure of steam and also the day-temperature were found out. The water holding capacity proved a weak negative dependence by the day-temperature. Weak negative dependences of meat colour by steam pressure and day-temperature and a weak positive dependence by humidity at slaughter day were found out. The study of dependences of meat qualities among themselves proved a weak correlation between pH factor and the water holding capacity and between pH factorand the meat colour. No dependence was found between water-retention capacity and the colour of meat. A good bleeding out of all rabbit carcasses was observed. The microbiological study of Salmonellae and Yersinia on surface of carcasses revealed negative results. But Citrobacteria were found in 15 samples.