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    Diagnostik und Therapie in der Praxis - wie bleibt man wirklich auf einem aktuellen Stand? (2016)

    Arlt, Sebastian (WE 19)
    Haimerl, Peggy (WE 19)
    Heuwieser, W. (WE 19)
    Update Fortpflanzung beim Rind
    Berlin, 27. – 28.05.2016
    Der Praktische Tierarzt; 98 — S. 56–60
    ISSN: 0032-681x
    URL (Volltext): http://vetline.de/download/storage/282/8779
    DOI: 10.2376/0032-681X-17-07
    Tierklinik für Fortpflanzung

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    Abstract / Zusammenfassung

    In daily practice the veterinarian has to make decisions regarding diagnostic procedures and therapeutic interventions based on recent, valid and applicable scientific findings to enable optimal patient care. In that regard it is essential to include knowledge from continued education and scientific literature. Systematic literature appraisals have, however, shown that also papers published in peer reviewed scientific journals may be biased to a high extent. Hence when reading a publication, the veterinarian should always critically appraise its content. Implementation of incorrect information may have considerable consequences on animal health. This article introduces hands-on methods for a systematic critical appraisal.

    In a series of articles in the upcoming issues of Der Praktische Tierarzt we will focus on practical relevant topics regarding bovine reproduction and health management and provide syntheses of recent information. The articles will comprise a critical appraisal of scientific papers and applicable recommendations for your daily practice work.