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    Safety and efficacy of a metabolic drift live attenuated Salmonella Gallinarum vaccine against fowl typhoid (2013)

    Zeitschriftenartikel / wissenschaftlicher Beitrag
    Shehata, Awad Ali
    Sultan, Hesham
    Hafez, Hafez M (WE 15)
    Krüger, Monika
    Avian diseases; 57(1) — S. 29–35
    ISSN: 0005-2086
    Pubmed: 23678726
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    Königsweg 63
    14163 Berlin
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    Abstract / Zusammenfassung

    Fowl typhoid (FT), a systemic disease that results in septicemia in poultry, is caused by Salmonella enterica serovar Gallinarum biovar Gallinarum (SG). Mortality and morbidity rates from FT can reach up to 80%. Attenuated live Salmonella vaccine candidates have received considerable attention because they confer solid immunity, and they can produce systemic and mucosal immunity in the gut when administered orally. In the present study, five metabolic drift (MD) mutants with a single-(designated SG-Rif1, SG-Sm6) or double-attenuating marker (designated SG-Rif1-Sm4, SG-Sm6-Rif10, and SG-Rif1-Sm10) were isolated. The relative colony sizes to wild-type strain after 24 hr at 37 C incubation were 50%, 40%, 30%, 30%, and 20%, respectively. The probability of a back mutation can almost be excluded because the reduced colony sizes were stable after at least 50 passages on culture media. The safety and immunogenicity were evaluated in susceptible 1-day-old commercial layer chickens. After oral administration of 10(8) colony-forming units (CFU), all developed MD mutants proved to be safe and did not cause death of any infected birds during 15 days postvaccination, whereas chickens receiving 10(6) CFU SG wild-type strain showed a high mortality rate (40%). Vaccination of commercial layer chicks with SG-Rif1, SG-Sm6, SG-Rif1-Sm4, and SG-Sm6-Rif10 MD mutants could protect chickens against challenge by homologous wild-type strain; however, SG-Rif1-Sm10 could not protect against challenge, indicating hyperattenuation. In conclusion, vaccination with SG MD mutant vaccine appears to be safe and offers protection against FT in chickens.