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    Auswirkungen von Tierheimaufenthalten auf das Verhalten des Hundes:
    Untersuchung der Verhaltensentwicklung am Beispiel zweier Haltungssysteme (1994)

    Beck, Wolfgang
    Berlin, 1994 — 101 Seiten
    Institut für Tierschutz und Tierverhalten

    Königsweg 67
    Gebäude 21, 1. OG
    14163 Berlin
    +49 30 838 62901

    Abstract / Zusammenfassung

    In two different settings, a large group of dogs in an open - area and others isolated in single - cages, 35 dogs of each setting were examined in relation to their behavioural development. The timespann between these two tests was 28 days.Two tests took place:1. The Open - field, wherein the activities of the dogs were measured, based on the defined elements of behaviour. These were as follows: walking, bounce - jump, high- jump, two - legged - movements, standing, sitting, lying.Additionally the orientation - and elimination behaviour was observed.Not only was the frequency of these demonstrated elements of behaviour measured, but also their duration.2. The Social - Interaction - Tests, simple tests were carried out relating to the dogs behaviours towards humans. The behaviour of the dogs was judged, classified according to the defined elements of behaviour which in this case were the elements of expression ( of communication behaviour ).From the large group of the dogs in the open - space , the tested dogs showed a significant increase in the elements of behaviour with low activity (i. e. sitting, lying) and consequently a decrease in behaviours with high activity.The other group in the isolated - cage showed the contrary behavioural development.The tested dogs of both groups showed no substantial changes in their behaviour towards human