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    Evaluation of a feline blood typing device (RAPIDVET-H IC FELINE). (2013)

    Hourani, L. (WE 20)
    Weingart, C. (WE 20)
    Kohn, B. (WE 20)
    2013 ACVIM Forum
    Seattle, 12. – 15.06.2013
    Journal of veterinary internal medicine; 27(3) — S. 714
    ISSN: 0891-6640
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    14163 Berlin
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    Abstract / Zusammenfassung

    Blood transfusions have gained an important role in feline
    intensive care medicine which, in turn, has led to an increased
    demand for point-of-care blood-typing methods.
    The objective of this prospective study was to evaluate a novel
    immunochromatographic blood-typing test (RapidVet-H IC
    feline) (IC) for the feline AB blood group system.
    EDTA-anticoagulated blood samples from 105 sick and
    healthy cats were typed comparatively with the IC test and 2
    other laboratory methods, a tube agglutination (TUBE) and a
    gel column test (DiaMed ID) (GEL). The samples were between
    0 and 10 days old (median 3) and were tested for hemolysis and
    agglutination; the hematocrit ranged from 7 to 57% (median 40).
    The TUBE and the GEL method were in agreement for all
    blood types in 100% of the tests. 85 A, 17 B and 3 AB samples
    were determined. The IC test correctly identified 80 A samples, 4
    were typed as AB and 1 was inconclusive (weak indicator line).
    All 17 B samples and 2 AB samples were correctly typed; one of
    the AB samples was inconclusive. The sample quality had no
    influence on test performance.
    The agreement of the IC-test with the control methods was
    96.1% for the 103 conclusive tests. It is suggested that AB results
    be reconfirmed with a TUBE or GEL laboratory method and that
    a “back-typing” will be performed with plasma from B-samples to
    detect the presence of alloantibodies. Given its accuracy and ease
    of use, the IC test can be recommended for clinical settings.