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    Einteilung und Diagnose der chronischen Endometritis beim Rind:
    eine Literaturstudie (2009)

    Zeitschriftenartikel / wissenschaftlicher Beitrag
    Pleticha, S.
    Heuwieser, W.
    Deutsche tierärztliche Wochenschrift : DTW
    Bandzählung: 116
    Heftzählung: 5
    Seiten: 164 – 172
    ISSN: 0341-6593
    Tierklinik für Fortpflanzung

    Königsweg 65
    Haus 27
    14163 Berlin
    +49 30 838 62618

    Abstract / Zusammenfassung

    Chronic endometritis can be diagnosed after three weeks post partum. Diagnostic methods such as external inspection and transrectal palpation of the uterus are not accurate enough to find each of the affected cows. An additional vaginal examination is more successful. Manual vaginal examination with the gloved hand or the use of a speculum will be sufficient. A new diagnostic device (Metricheck®) seems to be suitable for the diagnosis of endometritis. For the evaluation of a given diagnostic test false-positive and false-negative diagnoses have to be considered. Ultrasonography is established in gynaecological examination in cattle and is adequate to diagnose endometritis accurately. Further diagnostic methods are cytological, histological and bacteriological examinations. Samples can be obtained by biopsy, uteruslavage, swabs or Cytobrush. Recently, precise clinical definitions of uterine diseases were adopted by several international researchers. These definitions should be used in national languages as well. Recent papers described cytological and ultrasonographical examinations for the diagnosis of subclinical endometritis.