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    Feed intake, milk yield, and metabolic parameters prior to left displaced abomasum in dairy cows (2003)

    Zeitschriftenartikel / wissenschaftlicher Beitrag
    Van Winden, SC
    Jorritsma, R.
    Müller, K. E.
    Noordhuizen, J. P.
    Journal of Dairy Science; 86(4) — S. 1465–1471
    ISSN: 0022-0302
    URL (Volltext): http://jds.fass.org/cgi/reprint/86/4/1465
    Pubmed: 12741571
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    Abstract / Zusammenfassung

    As left-displaced abomasum (LDA) often occurs in cows with high contents of fat in the liver (fatty liver), a postpartum fatty liver-inducing regimen was applied to 16 cows. The main interest of the study was whether there were productive or metabolic changes in cows prior to LDA. Therefore, feed intake and milk production were monitored and blood samples were collected from the cows. The LDA occurred in 4 out of 16 dairy cows that were included in the feeding regimen. Compared to cows not developing LDA, LDA-cows had a significantly lower feed intake, 6.5 kg/d less, and milk production, 8 kg/d less, prior to clinical diagnosis of LDA. In the 10-d period preceding clinical diagnosis of LDA, blood concentrations of calcium, glucose, and insulin were significantly lower, whereas blood concentrations of nonesterified fatty acids and beta-hydroxybutyrate, as well as aspartate aminotransferase activities were significantly elevated compared to cows not developing LDA. These preclinical changes may play an important role in the pathogenesis of LDA. It is not certain, however, whether there is a causal association between these parameters and LDA.