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    The SNARE Ykt6 mediates protein palmitoylation during an early stage of homotypic vacuole fusion (2004)

    Zeitschriftenartikel / wissenschaftlicher Beitrag
    Dietrich, Lars E P
    Gurezka, Rolf
    Veit, Michael
    Ungermann, Christian
    The EMBO journal; 23(1) — S. 45–53
    ISSN: 0261-4189
    Pubmed: 14685280
    Institut für Immunologie und Molekularbiologie

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    Gebäude 35
    14163 Berlin
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    Abstract / Zusammenfassung

    The NSF homolog Sec18 initiates fusion of yeast vacuoles by disassembling cis-SNARE complexes during priming. Sec18 is also required for palmitoylation of the fusion factor Vac8, although the acylation machinery has not been identified. Here we show that the SNARE Ykt6 mediates Vac8 palmitoylation and acts during a novel subreaction of vacuole fusion. This subreaction is controlled by a Sec17-independent function of Sec18. Our data indicate that Ykt6 presents Pal-CoA via its N-terminal longin domain to Vac8, while transfer to Vac8's SH4 domain occurs spontaneously and not enzymatically. The conservation of Ykt6 and its localization to several organelles suggest that its acyltransferase activity may also be required in other intracellular fusion events.