Fachbereich Veterinärmedizin



    SFB 852 - Zentrales Technik- und Bioinformatikprojekt


    The objective of the Service Project Section for Information Infrastructure – INF Project Section C2 is to provide the members of the SFB with valid techniques specifically adopted for the pig as central animal species. Diagnosis based on morphological data is critical to the success of any animal research programme and therefore morphological profiling with highest reliability is a prerequisite for the realization of the collaborative research project. In order to diagnose and interpret adaptive responses and pathological changes of tissues and cells from the macroscopical to the ultrastructural level, anatomists and histologists will provide qualified morphological profiling. Expertise and service in multiple staining techniques including immuno- and glycohistochemistry, scanning and transmission electron microscopy, immuno-electron microscopy, histomorphometry, image analysis, in-situ hybridization and multi-colour fluorescence microscopy will be available. Taken together this core facility provides the broad modern technical platform for the integrated research group to decipher local host-pathogen-interactions in the pig.

    Projektleitung: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johanna Plendl
    Eintragende Einrichtung: Institut für Veterinär-Anatomie
    Projektlaufzeit: 01.09.2010 bis 31.12.2015
    Projekttyp: Forschungsprojekt
    • Titel: DFG – Sonderforschungsbereich 852
    • Sprecher: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jürgen Zentek, Freie Universität Berlin, Institut für Tierernährung
    • Partner: Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung BfR Berlin, Charité - Universitätsmed.Berlin, Berlin, Technische Universität, Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu B., Dt. Institut f. Ernährungsforsch. Bergholz-Rehbrücke
    Mittelgeber: DFG – Sonderforschungsbereich 852