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    7. FP der EU: Safe Food for Europe - Coordination of Research Activities and Dissemination of Research Results of EC funded Research on Food Safety (FOODSEG)


    The proposed Coordination and support actions (Coordinating, CSA) has the overall objective to disseminate state-of-the-art research results in food safety and quality topics through a series of symposia, expert working group meetings, an online platform with best practise examples and coordination of cooperation and a plan for the preparation of future activities. In addition to the aim of disseminating research results of finalised and current EC funded projects from FP6 and FP7 and other projects focusing on food safety, the consortium will develop strategies and recommendations for European policies (e.g.: food, consumers, research, health, agriculture). The secure handling of food has main impact onto the safety of food products and the European consumers. Furthermore, detailed plans and actions to foster food safety research in Europe are part of the workplan and objectives. The CSA action will pave the way for highly innovative research projects in the field of food safety

    Projektleitung: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jürgen Zentek
    Eintragende Einrichtung: Institut für Tierernährung
    Projektlaufzeit: 01.05.2011 bis 30.04.2014
    Projekttyp: EU-Forschungsprojekt Netzwerk FTE (RTD)
    • Titel: EU FP Safe Food for Europe - Coordination of Research Activities, Dissemination of Research Results
    • Sprecher: Di Andreas Moser RTD Services Wien
    • Partner: Verein z. Förderung d. Technologietrans a.d. Hochschule Bremerhaven e.V., Rom, Istituto Superiore di Sanita, Fundacion Gaiker Zamudio Madrid, Secretary of State f. environment, food and rural affairs, London, CentMa GmbH, Kiel, Galati, Univ. Dunarea De Jo
    Mittelgeber: Europäische Union - Forschungsförderung